Who We Are

MEMScom is global vertically integrated mechanical component supplier specializing in high precision metal stamping, assembly works and tape and reel packaging for MEMS industry, telecommunication, semi conductor, data transfer, finger print sensors, consumer electronics and interconnect industries. We build precision stamping parts with tolerances ranging from 10~50µm. MEMScom strongly believes innovation is the key to moving forward. This translate to many new innovations which we offer to market.

Who We Are

What We Offer To Customer

We’re not just a standard vendors to our customer, we connecting our product with the latest technology available.

We continuously developing new processes and technologies to bring latest product to the market enabling our customers to be leader in technology. In short we’re connecting technologies.

You can have a peace in mind once you award business to us. We have experienced and dedicated designer / engineers equipped with right tool to make it happen. We’re accessible 24/7.