All our products are customized to meet our customer’s specific design requirements. Below are simple structured steps we follow to ensure no page unturned :

Open discussion with technical expert to gather information on product. We focus on details which is essential to build good part.

We will review the manufacturability of the proposed design and will re-design the part if necessary.

Our experience technical staff will propose best material based on functional requirement, cost, lead time and MOQ.

MEMScom has a state of the art prototype facility that will ensure a quick prototype turnover time, typically within 3~5 days. Quick turn over does not mean you need to pay more. Our prototypes will be at an affordable price – Thanks to our designer / engineering team who knows what to do and how to make it happen. We have a dedicated team to turn your print to reality.

Once design is finalized, production tool will be kicked-off with 4 weeks lead time. We gurantee all our tooling for program life. FMEA will be performed at this stage.

Structured qualification process in place to ensure the mass production parts follow six sigma standard as far as dimensions are concern. Our team will follow this step religiously to eliminate process variation in later mass production stage

Customer service and QA will take over and dedicated highly qualified engineers will monitor production in high volume stage.

MEMScom is an expert in high speed stamping process. The in-house design and build stamping tool is guaranteed for program life if production job is awarded to us.

The progressive stamping die is placed into a reciprocating stamping press which allows high precision, high speed stamping to take place. This process is suitable for high volume production parts which bring down the cost drastically.

MEMScom stresses the importance of high quality tool – we believe good tool makes good product that eventually satisfies our customers.

We understand the short lead time requirement of the industry – our progressive tool lead time is between 2~3 weeks to cater the current industry needs.

MEMScom also has the expertise to produce deep drawn parts - a process that produces parts well beyond the limits of conventional stamping techniques which most of our competitors are not able to match.

In-die packaging

Advanced packaging process developed to pack the parts at press. No human touch involved. This type of packaging is very suitable for high volume parts.

Tape and Reel packaging

The parts are placed in pockets which will be sealed with a protective cover tape. Commonly used packaging system in semiconductor industries.

Tray / Cell packaging

Parts are placed in individual cell. Vacuum tray available for manual packaging and injection molded tray for automation process.

Bulk packaging

Reduces initial and shipment cost. We also offer to set-up high precision / speed bowl feeding system at customer's line.

MEMScom positions ourselves as vertically integrated one stop center for mechanical solution. As part of this, we offer various assembly works – spot welding, adhesive assembly, insulator assemblies, etc. If you need any new assembly, just ask – we're here to deliver to your needs.

We work closely with our partners – reputable secondary operation vendors to provide plating / chemical coating:

100% Matte Tin – whisker issues? – We know how to minimize them, thanks to the research with vendor for mitigation.

- Nickel plate

- Gold Plate

- Anodizing

- Conductive color plating

- Painting

- Burnishing

- Deburring

- Degreasing

- Passivation

- Tapping

- Tumbling

- Ultrasonic cleaning

- Chemical cleaning

- Heat Treatment

MEMScom design and build the tools in-house. We also sell high precision progressive tool to customer who has internal stamping facility. Our tools are build to last. Please contact our business unit for more details.